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Platform for Open-Loop Polypectomy System

Features and Benefits

  • May reduce risk of bleeding which can prolong surgery and may require transfusion or surgery
  • May reduce the risk of a stuck snare which would require a second snare or surgery to remove the stuck snare
  • Allows for all sizes of polyps to be removed
  • No more need for “piecemeal polypectomy”

 *This Technology is available for licensing, further development, or industrial partnering*

Market Opportunities

Current methods of polyp removal cannot handle very large polyps which present in about 30% of cases. Even if polypectomy is attempted there is a significant chance that acute bleeding may occur that could require transfusion or even surgery. If neither of these are needed, it can prolong the surgery as the cavity must be drained of blood and wound repaired to restore visualization of the polyp. Another uncommon risk associated with the removal of large polyps is a stuck snare, where a second snare or surgery to remove the first may be required. The POLP method should greatly increase the efficiency of polypectomy as it requires less time and fewer instruments, as well as reduce the risk of bleeding and almost completely removal the possibility of a stuck snare.



The Platform for Open-Loop Polypectomy (POLP) system utilizes a memory shape wire(s) passed around the stalk of the polyp which is then captured by the snare device. As the snare wire is retracted, the stalk of the polyp is severed and the polyp can be removed. The snare device can easily be placed through and endoscopic tube with an instrument insertion channel. The POLP system can be used on any size polyp and removes the need for “piecemeal polypectomy” for large, pedunculated polyps. While this technology is primarily for polyps in the colon, it can be adapted to remove polyps in the upper airway as well.

Figure A: Illustration of POLP system removing pedunculated polyp (above). Pictures of prototype POLP system (below.

Posted DateMar 31, 2017 12:08 PM


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