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  • Mahendra Sunkara
  • Chandrashekar Pendyala
  • Swathi Sunkara
  • Jacek Jasinski
  • Michael Sheetz
  • Menon Madhu



Project TitlePhotoelectrochemical Cell with Ga(SBX)N1-X Semiconductor Electrode (12014)
Track Code12014
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Features and Benefits

  • Improved visible light absorption
  • Fast charge transport
  • Reduced surface charge build-up


*This technology is available for licensing, further development, or industrial partnering




University of Louisville researchers, in collaboration with researchers at the University of Kentucky, have developed a photoelectrochemical cell that includes a semiconductor device with a layer of a novel composition ("semiconductor layer"). The composition included in this technology is a composition of matter comprised of an antimony substituted gallium nitride with the chemical formula Ga(Sbx)N1-x, where x is a value between 0.01 and 0.06, and is characterized by a band gap between 2.4 and 1.7 eV. The semiconductor layer may include a p-type dopant, an n-type dopant, or simply be an "as-synthesized" layer. Additionally, the semiconductor device can include an electrocatalyst coating on a face of the semiconductor layer, that is selected from platinum, RuO2, or mixtures of the two. This technology also includes a method for producing Ga(Sbx)N1-x where x = 0.01 to 0.06 with band gap of 2.4 to 1.7 eV. The method comprises delivering a source of nitrogen, a source of gallium, and a source of antimony to a chemical vapor deposition reactor, and depositing a layer of Ga(Sbx)N1-x where x= 0.01 to 0.06 onto a substrate.



Markets Addressed


The global fuel cell market size is estimated to reach $5.20 billion, by 2019. The unit shipments of fuel cells are expected to increase from 62,197 units in 2013, to 214,369 by 2019. Major factors responsible for the growth of fuel cell market include the ability of fuel cells in stationary, portable, and transportation applications to function as an off grid power source.


Technology Status

  • IP Status: Patent Pending, U.S. Pat. App. No. 13/630,875, "Photoelectrochemical cell including Ga(Sbx)N1-x semiconductor electrode"
Tagschemical engineering
Posted DateMar 2, 2015 3:28 PM


Mahendra Sunkara
Chandrashekar Pendyala
Swathi Sunkara
Jacek Jasinski
Michael Sheetz
Menon Madhu


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